The Latest: Arkansas asks judge to dissolve dicamba order

Apr 13, 2018

Arkansas' attorney general is asking a judge to dissolve her order exempting a group of farmers from the state's ban of a controversial herbicide

Bovines online: Farmers are using AI to help monitor cows

Apr 13, 2018

The marriage of two technologies _ motion sensors and artificial intelligence _ is making mass-scale farming more efficient

China traders, farmers shrug off risk of US soybeans tariff

Apr 13, 2018

Chinese farmers, traders say possible tariffs on US soybeans open opportunities to diversify, profit

Trump flips on trade pact, weighs rejoining Pacific-Rim deal

Apr 13, 2018

President Donald Trump has asked trade officials to explore the possibility of the United States rejoining negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement he pulled out of during his first days in office as part of his "America first" agenda

House GOP seeks stricter work requirements on food stamps

Apr 12, 2018

Republicans controlling the House are proposing stricter work mandates on the nation's 40 million food stamp recipients as they kick off debate on a politically-freighted election-year overhaul of the government's food and farm programs

Company: Storage tank didn't cause fertility clinic failure

Apr 10, 2018

A Michigan company that supplied an Ohio fertility clinic's storage tank says its equipment didn't malfunction or cause the loss of more than 4,000 eggs and embryos in early March and blames the failure on human error.

Report: Breakthrough on devastating citrus disease unlikely

Apr 10, 2018

An organization that advises the federal government on science and technical matters has dire news for Florida's citrus industry

Australian farm sells melons after fatal listeria outbreak

Apr 10, 2018

An Australian farm has recommended selling cantaloupes despite being blamed for an outbreak of the deadly listeria bacteria that the World Health Organization said killed seven people and caused a miscarriage in Australia

Amid trade fight, Trump says he'll 'make it up' to farmers

Apr 9, 2018

President Donald Trump acknowledges that farmers could be hurt by the escalating trade war with China, but promises to make it up to them

Don Imus ranch in northern New Mexico up for sale

Apr 9, 2018

The sprawling cattle ranch in northern New Mexico owned by controversial former radio host Don Imus is for sale

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