Australian PM accuses Muslim leaders of denying threat

Nov 21, 2018

Australia's prime minister has accused senior Muslim community leaders of "continuing down a path of denial" after they refused an invitation to a meeting to discuss the threat posed by Islamic extremists

Yemeni rebels say they will halt rocket fire at Saudi Arabia

Nov 19, 2018

Yemeni rebel leader says group will halt rocket fire into Saudi Arabia for the sake of peace efforts

Lawyer: Court grants Islamic scholar bail amid rape inquiry

Nov 16, 2018

A lawyer representing one of two women who have accused Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan of raping them in France says a court has approved Ramadan's release from jail

China says foreign concerns over Muslim rights unwarranted

Nov 15, 2018

China says 15 foreign ambassadors exceeded their diplomatic roles by issuing a letter expressing concern about the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of members of the country's Muslim minorities in re-education camps

Pakistan acquits Christian woman facing death for blasphemy

Oct 31, 2018

Pakistan's top court has acquitted a Christian woman who was sentenced to death on blasphemy charges in 2010, a landmark ruling that sparked protests by hard-line Islamists and raised fears of violence

'Walk to heaven': Shiite pilgrims trek to Iraq's Karbala

Oct 29, 2018

Millions of Shiites from around the world make their way to holy shrines in Iraqi city of Karbala in annual pilgrimage

Mass rally to promote moderate Islam in Indonesia canceled

Oct 26, 2018

Organizers of an Indonesian movement to promote a moderate brand of Islam have canceled a mass rally after its youth supporters burned the flag of an outlawed hard-line Muslim group, sparking allegations of blasphemy

Court keeps Indonesia woman irked by noisy mosque in prison

Oct 25, 2018

A High Court has upheld an 18-month prison sentence for a woman convicted of blasphemy in Indonesia after complaining about the volume of a mosque's loudspeakers

Polygamy persists across Africa, to activists' dismay

Oct 24, 2018

'Sometimes I wonder if I am not beautiful': Polygamy persists in Africa, to critics' dismay

Coalition airstrike targets mosque used by Islamic State

Oct 21, 2018

The U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group says an airstrike on a mosque in Syria targeted an insurgent command and control center and killed a dozen fighters

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