Report: Supporter of Sufi leader sentenced to death

Apr 4, 2018

Iran's semi-official ISNA news agency is reporting that a supporter of a Sufi Islam leader who rammed a bus into a group of policemen, killing three and injuring 30 before being arrested, has been sentenced to death

Oklahoma City man charged with threatening to blow up mosque

Apr 4, 2018

An Oklahoma City man has been arrested and charged with threatening to blow up a mosque

Syria's tiny Assyrian community celebrates its survival

Apr 2, 2018

The dwindling Assyrian community in Syria proclaims its survival with New Year's celebrations in one of their villages destroyed by the Islamic State group

Iraq identifies more bodies from mass grave near Tikrit

Apr 2, 2018

Iraqi authorities say they have found the remains of another 158 people in a mass grave outside the city of Tikrit, where the Islamic State group is believed to have massacred hundreds of captured soldiers in 2014

Turkish president recites Muslim prayer at the Hagia Sophia

Mar 31, 2018

Turkey's president has recited an Islamic prayer in the Hagia Sophia, a historic Istanbul landmark that has become a symbol of interfaith and diplomatic tensions.

Lawyer: Free speech shields woman charged in mosque burglary

Mar 29, 2018

An attorney for one of two Arizona woman charged with burglarizing a mosque as they made derogatory comments about Muslims says his client's case is about free speech rights

Fashion show without catwalks promotes modest wear in Dubai

Mar 29, 2018

A weeklong fashion event in Dubai is being held without catwalks, models or skin-baring designs

NOT REAL NEWS: Muslim nurses in U.K. must still wash hands

Mar 28, 2018

NOT REAL NEWS: Muslim nurses in the U.K. must still wash their hands, despite the claim in an online story that they can opt out of the practice for religious reasons.

Quebec mosque shooting suspect pleads not guilty

Mar 26, 2018

The man accused in the slayings of six men at a Quebec City mosque has pleaded not guilty

Saudi Arabia's Red Sea divers explore freedoms off the coast

Mar 25, 2018

Saudi Arabia has the longest coastline of any country along the Red Sea, and the kingdom's nascent tourism industry is betting on the clear, blue waters, coral reefs and idyllic islands off its western coastline to lure visitors from around the world

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