Pope in Morocco: Walls, fear-mongering won't stop migration

Mar 30, 2019

Pope Francis praised Morocco as a model of religious moderation as he opened a quick trip to the North African kingdom with a warning that walls and fear-mongering won't stop the right of people to seek a better life elsewhere

Bosnia top courts upholds ban of Serb holiday

Mar 29, 2019

Bosnia's top court has upheld a ban on a controversial Serb holiday that is seen as discriminatory to the country's Muslims and Croats

Pope seeks to build on Muslim outreach with Morocco trip

Mar 29, 2019

Pope Francis is forging ahead with his promotion of moderate Islam during a weekend trip to Morocco, seeking to build on warming ties with the Sunni world while also ministering to a tiny Catholic community

Group highlights civil rights abuses against Muslims

Mar 27, 2019

Massachusetts' largest Islamic advocacy organization is releasing its first annual report on civil rights complaints

Report finds gaps in 2015 probe of mass graves in Malaysia

Mar 27, 2019

A report has found gaps in the investigation and possible obstruction of justice involving Malaysia's 2015 discovery of mass graves believed to be of Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshis held in trafficking camps in a jungle area on its border with Thailand

Pakistan places 2 Hindu girls in protection after conversion

Mar 26, 2019

Pakistan puts 2 teen Hindu sisters in shelter; parents say they were abducted, forced to convert and marry Muslims

IS loses all territory but its shadowy leader still at large

Mar 23, 2019

Islamic State group loses all territory in final defeat but its shadowy leader al-Baghdadi still at large

UN chief visits mosque, stresses sanctity of religious sites

Mar 22, 2019

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres went to the first mosque built in New York City on Friday to show solidarity with the Muslim community, urging people everywhere "to reaffirm the sanctity of all places of worship and the safety of all worshippers."

Protesters block Iraq president's pathway over ferry sinking

Mar 22, 2019

Mosul residents angry over sinking of ferry, block road of Iraqi president's convoy, pelt governor's SUV with stones

US abruptly endorses Israel's Golan sovereignty in big shift

Mar 22, 2019

President Donald Trump says that it's time to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights

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