Pastafarian pastor leads prayer at Alaska government meeting

Sep 18, 2019

A pastor wearing a spaghetti strainer on his head delivered the opening invocation at the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting Tuesday

Uneasy calm in Indian Kashmir on Islamic festival day

Aug 12, 2019

Uneasy calm prevails in Indian-administered Kashmir as people celebrate Islamic festival during an unprecedented crackdown after India moved to strip the region of its constitutional autonomy

Turkey marks 3rd anniversary of failed coup

Jul 15, 2019

Turkey is marking the third anniversary of the July 15 failed coup attempt against the government with prayers and other events remembering its victims

AP Photos: Indian mother prays to 'bleeding goddess' for son

Jul 11, 2019

AP Photos: Indian mother prays to 'bleeding goddess' for son

Virginia pastor asks God to give Trump 'wisdom' to lead US

Jun 2, 2019

The pastor of a Virginia church has asked God to give President Donald Trump the wisdom he needs to lead the country

Afghan police official says blast at Kabul mosque kills 2

May 25, 2019

Afghan police official: Explosion at a mosque in eastern Kabul kills 2, including prayer leader

Pope tends to Orthodox ties, Catholic minorities in Balkans

May 4, 2019

Pope Francis is tending to Orthodox relations with a delicate visit starting Sunday to the Balkan nations of Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

Trump marks National Day of Prayer with synagogue victims

May 2, 2019

President Donald Trump has celebrated the National Day of Prayer with victims of last weekend's California synagogue shooting

Trump says violence against people of all faiths must end

May 2, 2019

President Donald Trump says people of faith around the world have faced terrible hardship of late

Sri Lanka Muslims brave militant threats for Friday prayers

Apr 27, 2019

Sri Lanka's Muslims, warned to stay home over militant threats after Easter bombing, call for peace at Friday prayers

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