Muslims pray for strength in quake-hit Indonesian city

Oct 5, 2018

As the sun slipped behind the mountains and a gentle breeze blew onshore, hundreds of Muslims gathered on a beach to pray and remember those they lost, a week after a massive earthquake and tsunami ravaged an Indonesian city and killed over 1,500 people.

Sex abuse scandal: Pope seeks prayers to fight 'devil'

Sep 29, 2018

Pope Francis is asking for daily prayers to protect the Catholic Church from what he says are "attacks by the devil," in his latest response to the clerical sex abuse and cover-up scandal roiling his papacy

Polish police looking for man who threw stone into synagogue

Sep 20, 2018

Polish police are looking for a man who threw a stone into a synagogue in Gdansk as members of the Jewish community were praying on the Yom Kippur holiday

Bishop holds day of prayer and penance amid abuse scandal

Sep 14, 2018

Rhode Island's Roman Catholic bishop says he held a day of prayer and penance to ask God's forgiveness for the sins of sexual abuse committed against children worldwide

Catholic faithful demand change after sex abuse scandals

Sep 8, 2018

Catholics shaken by revelations of sex abuse and alleged cover-ups are rising up and demanding change in hopes of saving the church they love

The Latest: Pope: parents of gay kids shouldn't condemn them

Aug 27, 2018

Pope Francis says parents of gay children shouldn't condemn them, ignore their orientation or throw them out of the house

Indonesia's main Muslim group criticizes blasphemy sentence

Aug 23, 2018

Indonesia's largest Muslim organization has criticized the blasphemy conviction and imprisonment of a Buddhist woman who complained that the call to prayer from her neighborhood mosque was too loud

Syria's Assad attends holiday prayers at Damascus mosque

Aug 21, 2018

Syrian President Assad attends prayers for Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha in Damascus, seat of his power

Over 2 million Muslims begin annual hajj pilgrimage

Aug 19, 2018

More than 2 million Muslims have begun the annual hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia

Rebuilding mosques priority for devout on quake-hit Lombok

Aug 10, 2018

On Indonesia's earthquake-devastated Lombok island, people are reeling as they mourn more than 300 dead and sleep in makeshift shelters, but foremost in the minds of some is rebuilding the collapsed mosques that were the heart of their communities

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