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Copperfield testifies on illusion where man says he was hurt

Apr 24, 2018

David Copperfield insisted he knew of no one being injured during more than 15 years of performing a signature vanishing act at the center of a lawsuit by a British tourist who claims he was seriously hurt in a fall during a Las Vegas performance

RFK funeral train photo exhibit: Kennedy's final journey

Apr 24, 2018

An exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 'The Train: RFK's Last Journey,' displays unique color slides made by photographer Paul Fusco on June 8, 1968, as a funeral train carried Robert Kennedy's body to Washington, D.C.

Melania Trump, Brigitte Macron visit National Gallery of Art

Apr 24, 2018

The first ladies of the U.S. and France bid a brief adieu to the White House for a visit with the works of Paul Cezanne at the National Gallery of Art

AP Photos: Immersive art gallery in Paris showcases Klimt

Apr 24, 2018

AP Photos: Digital gallery in Paris makes art immersive experience for visitors who can walk into and over paintings projected around a warehouse.

Qatari-American contemporary artist wins new $100,000 prize

Apr 23, 2018

A 35-year-old Qatari-American artist is the inaugural winner of a new prize worth $100,000 that recognizes mid-career artists from the Middle East

Library of Congress brings America to life in LA photo show

Apr 21, 2018

If a picture tells a thousand words, the Library of Congress is bringing 440,000 of them to Los Angeles with a free-wheeling exhibition of 440 iconic photos that seeks to define America's zeitgeist in a way people have never seen before

Jimmie Johnson maps out bucket list for potential sponsors

Apr 20, 2018

Seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson is still a top driver but he is mapping out his future at age 42

San Francisco reverses course, controversial statue to stand

Apr 19, 2018

San Francisco authorities reversed a decision to remove a 19th century statue near City Hall that some say is degrading to Native Americans

Hubble's 28 years marked by shot of wild stellar nursery

Apr 19, 2018

NASA marks Hubble Space Telescope's 28th launch anniversary with peek into a wild stellar nursery

Better than a beach photo: Christie spends $85K on portrait

Apr 19, 2018

Former Gov. Chris Christie's official portrait will carry an $85,000 price tag, higher than his three predecessors combined

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