Blockchain Developer Resource Service Launched

Xumel announce the availability of their Blockchain developer resource service for organizations seeking Blockchain technology solutions.

Toronto, Canada - March 13, 2018 /PressCable/ —

The prominent Blockchain developer, Xumel, announced the expansion of it’s professional, convenient, and complete programmer service to organizations seeking technology solutions involving the Blockchain.

Xumel’s Managing Director, Brian Michael, said, “This is a great opportunity for companies who need to solve business problems. Blockchain technology allows firms to save time and money with solutions that can improve delivery times and authenticate transaction-based processes. We work with a variety of FinTechs and start-ups, who are looking to develop an Initial Coin Offerings(ICO), amongst other solutions. Our experienced programmers can develop a tailored solution for your business.”

For more information see Blockchain Developer services.

In addition to blockchain development, Xumel provides blockchain consulting and also specializes in Smart Contracts and Initial Coin Offerings. “Blockchain is the newest technology that allows companies to work together with a lot more trust”, says Brian Michael.

Blockchain has the ability to change the world in the same way that the Internet did and redefine how business happens. “It is clear that we are in the early days of this technology but Xumel has the skills and experience to help develop blockchain and build solutions to solve real business problems.”

Xumel offers a comprehensive offering in blockchain and has the developer talent to build and scale a solution for businesses. There are numerous use cases for blockchain with more cases being developed every day. Xumel can operate in a variety of diverse industries including banking and financial services, supply chain management, healthcare, travel and transportation, media and entertainment and energy and utilities. “There really isn’t a limit to how blockchain can be applied to help solve business solutions,” says Brian Michael.

Those interested in learning how blockchain technology can help their organization should research online or contact Xumel to engage in a fact-learning discussion.

More information is available at:

Contact Info:
Name: Brian Michael
Organization: Xumel
Address: 380 Macpherson Ave, Toronto, ON M4V 3E4, Canada
Phone: +1-647-283-7416

For more information, please visit

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