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Jul 31, 2020

High-efficacy Worth-purchasing UV Light Devices from Senerport

As the whole world is still pushing and striving to ensure that this deadly virus is no longer living within by taking necessary preventive health measures, there are still other ways that one can further go ahead to ensure that his or her safety is on a higher level. Apart from regular sanitization, appropriate use of face masks and social distancing, one must ensure that his or her properties and surroundings are Covid-19 free. A property that is at a high risk of being Covid-19 infected is the mobile phone – and Senerport provides the best Phone sanitizers and UV light sanitizers.

Did you know that an average cell phone carries more bacteria and viruses than a public toilet?. Various studies have shown that the average cell phone harbors nearly 20,000 bacteria.These products accompany us everywhere – home, office, restaurant, toilet, public transport, etc. Just as we are likely to pick up the COVID-19 virus as we go about our daily lives, our cell phones are also going to come into contact with nasty pathogens.  The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced in the minds of consumers the importance of maintaining hygiene standards. We are constantly reminded to wash our hands with soap and avoid touching our faces. Our cell phone, however, cannot generally be washed with soap and water and yet it is a product that is regularly in contact with our hands and face. It is therefore a potential vector for transmission and that is why Senerport is determined and dedicated to provide the best phone sanitizers and UV light sanitizers in the whole world.

The germs and bacteria on your mobile phone can multiply rapidly and likewise can the virus spread in your pocket and backpack. When you make use of your mobile phone while eating or preparing a meal, the virus can get into your body through food and make you ill. One should, at all times clean their devices as often as they wash their hands. Throughout the whole day, all the bacteria you touch on grocery carts, gas pumps, doorknobs, and even other people are transferred and stored on your phone. Even if you wash your hands, once you touch your phone, you still stay with germs. Therefore, you need a good tool like Senerport’s phone sanitizer and UV light sanitizers to clean your mobile phones precisely.

The top-notch phone sanitizers and UV light sanitizers that Senerport provides can kill germs, bacteria and neutralize viruses in any corner that can’t be cleaned by wipes of alcohol. It has been proven multiple times that UVC can kill bacteria effectively in a short time. The wavelength of 250-260mm UV-C can destroy DNA of bacteria.  These phone sanitizers and UV light sanitizers are tested and trusted worldwide, they make use of state of the art technology with top sells of Senerport 3 in 1 UVC Box wireless charger, LED sanitizer wands, UVC light sanitizer wands and so much more in Senerport’s catalogue.

About Senerport

Senerport is a new brand, which mainly designs and produces personal care and health products. Its headquartered is in Shenzhen, China. Senerport's goal is to enable more people to take care of their bodies and stay away from bacteria and viruses. Presently, Senerport has produced and developed four UVC sanitizing products, including two sanitizer boxes and two portable sanitizer wands that are selling fast and proven highly effective, all with new shapes and multiple functions. In order to offer customers a better experience, they carefully control the products’ quality.

 In the near future, they will launch several new products, which are currently in the stage of production. They are Hand Sanitizer Soap Dispenser, Sticky Type UV Mosquito-killing Lamp and Bluetooth Prenatal Bellyphones. Keep yourself and loved ones safe now by purchasing Seneport’s phone sanitizers and UV light sanitizers at cheap and affordable rates – go for the best and get the best.

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